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#1233 worksforme Ninth floor IETF-Hotel Wireless Network Clemens Schrimpe twinters@…

I'm unable to join ietf-hotel from my MacBook Pro on the ninth floor.  My
iPhone 8 is able to join the network, but I haven't been able to get to
join.    I'm able to get the Fairmount Wireless, is there a difference
between that and the IETF network?

#1232 fixed ietf-hotel not working on 18th floor Clemens Schrimpe ldaigle@…

Can I tell you that I hate writing tickets?  I never feel like I’ve 
got the info you need.

It seems that ietf-hotel SSID isn’t working on the 18th floor.  I’m 
in 1828.

By “isn’t working”, I mean that I earlier today I would get 
connected, get an IP address, and then nothing would route.  Now, there 
is radio, I get connected but self-assigned address.  Oh, wait!  Just 
got connected.

So, maybe it’s flaky.  Or, maybe there’s a down AP and I’m 
periodically getting just enough signal from the next?  And, the 
Fairmont SSID gets me connected to usable network.



Leslie Daigle
Principal, ThinkingCat Enterprises

#1231 wontfix Windows 10 problem panda@… john-ietf@…

I am unable to connect to ietf or other secure SSIDs.

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