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#1380 pending Can't login in Meetecho Rick Alfvin ggrammel@…

I registered and now try to use Meetecho for QUIRG. Unfortunately that does not work:
When testing with my confirmation number doesn’t work, Logging via Datatracker does only work with Username = email address. (is this a feature or a bug?)

While being logged in Data tracker and selecting the Agenda --> QUIRG->camera-symbol I am agein asked to login via Datatracker. However this one says: unauthorized.

Do I miss anything?


Juniper Business Use Only
#1379 fixed MP3 streaming is broken alex@… fluffy@…
When I go to any of the rooms like

I get about every 10th word. Others are having the same problem

#1378 fixed Fwd: IETF108: Audio stream problems alex@… cmorgan@…
On Mon Jul 27 07:23:48 2020, wrote:

I’ve been trying to listen in to the audio streams IETF108 but a number of them appear to be broken - I did report it in the PEARG meeting but it doesn’t seem to have been fixed. I have tested these with VLC and ffplay on a Mac - I’ve listed the direct audio URLs as the m3u links point to these.

So far only Rooms 3 & 5 work fine - so I’m not seeing network problems.

The stream for Room 1 seems to be very choppy - the audio cuts in and out:

Rooms 2, 4, and 8 return a 404:

I was hoping these could be fixed.

Hopefully these problems haven’t impacted the YouTube recordings.

Many thanks,

Piers O'Hanlon
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