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#271 fixed trouble authenticating to ietf.1x and ietf-a.1x chelliot@… falk@…
I'm trying to use my IETF network credentials (7904620783, ietf) to log into the ietf.1x and ietf-a.1x SSIDs and it is not authenticating.  Should I be using some other login info?  ietf-hotel and ietf-portal are working fine.


#172 fixed trax hiccup - 'HelpDesk' link fail? rob@… morrowc@…

There's a link at the bottom of: <>

to 'HelpDesk??' which goes to: <>

which fails :( boo... also, linux instructions would be nice, as it's not at all obvious how to setup wireless 1x auth.

Things like:

o select TTLS o select authentication type "mschapv2" o put in userid into 'username' o put in passwd into 'password' o accept the 'there is no CA cert' error/warning

(note that the above isn't working, for me at least)

Is there a copy of the CA cert somewhere to download and accept/insert/use? Are there some basic descriptions that'd fit here instead? (I get that not everyone's using NetworkManager?, but the windows/mac instructions don't fit well with linux semantics)

#907 duplicate trans wg in far east has no working audio llynch@… stephen.farrell@…
help appreciated, sorry if this is a repeat
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