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#81 fixed Audio Streaming to outside world has dropped out in Salon D joelja@… Cindy Morgan <cmorgan@…>
#9 pending Audio at room Conservatory joelja@… Behcet Sarikaya <behcetsarikaya@…>
  We have a meeting on Thursday night right after the plenary (starting around 7:30pm) in room Conservatory. The room is already reserved. 
  Please keep audio recording active in this room until the meeting is finished (should be before 9pm).

#638 fixed Audio file names have a dash in the room name part this time -- breaks name splitting on dashes nkukich@… henrik@…


For some time now we've had consistent audio file naming, with the components ietf#, roomname, date, time, slot separated by dashes. The room names have been formed by removing all punctuation and spaces, and lowercasing the result. Examples:


This makes it easy to construct the appropriate file name based on the information available in the agenda (except for the slot indication, which is a bit hard, which is unfortunate).

This time, though, the combined room names have internal dashes, which means that constructing an audio file name using the pattern from earlier fails:


I was writing some code to put links to the audio files into the agenda just now, and discovered that the pattern I'd identified from recent meetings doesn't work this time...

Would it be possible to rename the files, turning 'schoeneberg1-2' into 'shoeneberg12', 'tiergarten1-2' into 'tiergarten12' and 'charlottenburg2-3' into 'charlottenburg23'?

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