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#1215 not broken IPv6 DHCP issue < default > ivaylo@…
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a participant in the Hackathon. I wanted to use IPv6 for something I
am working on, but for some reason it seems that I can not obtain an
address. Yesterday it took it a bit of time (10-15s), but I managed to get
one. I am connected to `ietf` network. My MAC address is
`08:d4:0c:46:6e:50`. I can try to send you a pcap file if that will be of
any help. When I start dhclient (version `isc-dhclient-4.3.3`) manually, I

Listening on Socket/wlp1s0
Sending on   Socket/wlp1s0
PRC: Soliciting for leases (INIT).
XMT: Forming Solicit, 0 ms elapsed.
XMT:  X-- IA_NA 0c:46:6e:50
XMT:  | X-- Request renew in  +3600
XMT:  | X-- Request rebind in +5400
XMT: Solicit on wlp1s0, interval 1050ms.
RCV: Advertise message on wlp1s0 from fe80::128:1.
RCV:  X-- IA_NA 0c:46:6e:50
RCV:  | X-- starts 1521374116
RCV:  | X-- t1 - renew  +3600
RCV:  | X-- t2 - rebind +7200
RCV:  | X-- [Options]
RCV:  X-- Server ID: 00:01:00:01:21:1c:23:e8:aa:00:00:78:21:cd
IA_NA status code NoAddrsAvail: "No addresses available for this interface."
PRC: Lease failed to satisfy.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Ivaylo Petrov
Chief Architect
ivaylo at

2 bis rue de la Châtaigneraie,
35510 Cesson Sévigné

Phone: +33 (0)
#1214 fixed update URL in wiki odonoghue@… joe@…
I don't think I have a account (and couldn't see how to
set one up), which I think would allow me to edit the following wiki

which points to "IETF 101 Meeting Wiki" with the URL:

which throws an error. That seems to be the scheme for the old IETF
meeting wikis through IETF 100.

That link should be to the one on

Cheers, and thanks for being awesome. best, Joe

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
Chief Technologist, Center for Democracy & Technology []
1401 K ST NW STE 200, Washington DC 20005-3497
e:, p: 202.407.8825, pgp:
Fingerprint: 3CA2 8D7B 9F6D DBD3 4B10  1607 5F86 6987 40A9 A871

CDT's Annual Dinner, Tech Prom, is March 29, 2018. Don't miss the tech
event of the year!
Reserve a table today.:
#1211 fixed Remote participation in NWCRG Thursday 22 March 13:30 alex@… marie@…
I want to confirm that there will be Meetecho support for our meeting so remote participation is possible. On the html agenda I see the icons so I gather it will be available? We have had late requests for participation and it has to be remote.


Marie-José (co-chair NWCRG)

Marie-José Montpetit, Ph.D.

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