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#1157 fixed Network connectivity issue for network "ietf" con@… glen@…

Lisa Winkler, an AMS staff person, working on a late-model Macbook on site, has been unable to retrieve mail from our corporate IMAP server.

Her computer was connected to network "ietf", and email checks were coming to us over IPV4. Connections were timing out and no mail was flowing.

Her iPhone was connected to network "ietf-hotel", and was able to check email with no problem (connections were over IPV6).

Her Mac was unable to connect to network "ietf-hotel", but *was* able to connect to network "ietf-legacy". Thus connected, she is now able to pull email with no problem (connections are also over IPV6).

She may not be available for troubleshooting, but I was asked to report this inasmuch as it may happen to others and may indicate a problem on the main "ietf" network.

Thanks and best regards to you all! Glen

#1156 pending OpenVPN doesn't work on NAT64 panda@… warren@…

OpenVPN Connect connecting to an OpenVPN server with only an IPv4 address ( fails on NAT64 network.

#1155 worksforme ietf-hotel fails in Swissotel Clemens Schrimpe brian.e.carpenter@…

I get a connection to ietf-hotel and it gives me v4 and v6 addresses, but it doesn't actually appear to forward packets anywhere - no DNS, I think, and no ping. Last night it was a bit different, it did resolve AAAAs but still no ping. The Swissotel WiFi? works OK, v4 only of course.

I was 2001:67c:1232:144:28cc:dc4c:9703:6781 and on ietf-hotel

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