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#1154 pending ietf-nat64 and Pulse Secure VPN panda@… tale@…
When using ietf-nat64 with the Pulse Secure VPN I can't access network
resources from the other side of the VPN.  This is apparently because
Pulse is not updating the system nameservers so they still point to
the IETF v6 nameservers instead of the V4-only ones inside my company,
and thus I only get the externally-visible resolution (or lack

Attempting to resolve this by updating the nameservers in System
Preferences -> Network -> Wi-Fi -> Advanced... did not fix the
problem, even after DNS cache flush, nor did updating
/etc/resolv.conf.  This honestly kind of surprised me; I really
thought updating them in System Preferences, though annoying, would

I'm using Pulse Secure version 5.2.5 (build 869) on OS X 10.12.6 (Sierra).
#1153 pending NAT64 breaks MoSH session resumption. panda@… warren@…

I use MoSH ( to access a bunch of servers. Normally it automatically reconnects when I change networks / IP addresses (that's the whole point!), but for some reason, this doesn't work when connecting to NAT64. New sessions seems to work OK, just not session resumption.

I have not any real troubleshooting.

#1152 invalid Detection of ARP Cache Poisoning on SSID:ietf-hotel at Swissotel Clemens Schrimpe kaname@…

Whenever I connected to SSID:ietf-hotel at Swissotel, Symantec Endpoint Protection Client on my laptop yells that it is detecting ARP cache poison.

Source of the cache poisoning: 80:2a:a8:8f:a3:cf

I can give you a pcap file it includes the events.

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