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#1400 not broken Sending audio problems - both Linux and Windows alex@… ietf@…

I have a couple of presentations on Thu. In sessions yesterday and 
today, sending audio has never worked, so I'm trying to resolve in time.

My primary question: *is there a test meetecho session where I can test 
sending audio realistically?* The provided test session seems to be the 
hallway, where I can send audio fine (presumably to no-one except 
myself). I see see the wavy plot under my name, and I can hear myself in 
my own headset. But it doesn't emulate a real session, when sending 
audio doesn't work (see below).

On my Linux laptop, there seems to be some weird interaction when I'm 
sending audio (similar problem with Zoom as MeetEcho) where, as soon as 
I send audio, the incoming and outgoing audio become completely 
inaudible (choppy), which causes the whole machine to behave erratically 
for about 40s until it resolves itself, and I can hear incoming audio OK 
again. This started since I upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 recently. I've 
tried to find solutions to this in the Ubuntu forums, but I doubt I'll 
be able to  resolve this in time (I'd really like to tho).

So I tried my wife's Windows 10 laptop instead. When I access a meetecho 
session, I just get the IETF 108 logo and a dark blue bar along the 
bottom of the window. The login prompt does not appear. I assume these 
are the symptoms of an old Windows Edge browser, which needs to be 
upgraded to the "New Edge Experience". *Am I correct?* However, there's 
not enough disk space on my wife's laptop for that.

So, I think I'm stuffed. *Unless you have an answer to any of the above 
problems.* I don't expect you to tho - these are not your problems really!

I do have a possible way forward - I still have Windows 10 on my Linux 
laptop, from when I set it up as dual-boot. I could try that. (I won't 
be able to access all my Linux applications during a session, but 
perhaps that's the price I have to pay.)


Bob Briscoe                     

#1399 invalid request to play a video during Wednesday's RIFT meeting alex@… zzhang@…

We have our RIFT session on Wednesday at 13:00 UTC. For Bruno's presentation, it is intended to be in video mode - he has made a video and carefully edited it to have the better impact than live presentation.

However we just realized that MeetEcho can't play video with audio output unless advanced arrangement is made (the IRTF open meeting had videos successfully played).

We're submitting this request to see if arrangement can be made for our meeting. W/o video the presentation won't have much use and it will be really disappointing to many of us.


Juniper Business Use Only
#1398 fixed Can't log into Rick Alfvin johnl@…
Trying with both my usual address and the address I 
registered with,  They're both the same datatracker 

With either address, I can sort of log in but then it tells me I'm not in 
the whitelist.

I had no trouble logging in yesterday.

John Levine,, Taughannock Networks, Trumansburg NY
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