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#799 not broken i2rs audio issues resolved as end user problems. <eom/> llynch@… jhaas@…

#800 not broken issue with remote audio in i2rs (canadian room) llynch@… llynch@…
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Date: Tue, 22 Jul 2014 18:42:35 -0000
From: IETF Meeting/NOC <>
Subject: [IETF Meeting/NOC] #800: issue with remote audio in i2rs (canadian

#800: issue with remote audio in i2rs (canadian room)
  Reporter:  jhaas@…   |      Owner:  llynch@…
      Type:  request   |     Status:  new
  Priority:  tbd       |  Milestone:  ietf-90
Component:  incoming  |
  We're getting reports of no remote audio right now.

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IETF Meeting/NOC <>
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#879 not broken Wired net in Tapa Tower not responding to V4 DHCP requests jim@… mundy@…
Hi good hoc folks,

My room is on the 14th floor of the Tapa tower and IP-V4 DHCP on the wired network does not seem to be working.  I'm getting a V6 addresses and DNS servers assigned but nothing for V4.  looking at the interface with tcpdump seems to confirm the absence of V4.

BTW, I'm using an 11" MacBook Air running 10.8.5.

Russ Mundy

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