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#1397 fixed Fwd: Screen sharing and meeting material alex@… cmorgan@…
> Begin forwarded message:
> From: "Mirja Kuehlewind via RT" <>
> Subject: [ #291822] Screen sharing and meeting material
> Date: July 28, 2020 at 7:29:48 AM PDT
> Reply-To:
> Tue Jul 28 07:29:47 2020: Request 291822 was acted upon.
> Transaction: Ticket created by
>       Queue: IETF-MeetingCommunication
>     Subject: Screen sharing and meeting material
>       Owner: Nobody
>  Requestors:
>      Status: new
> Hi Meetecho team,
> I hope this is the right mail address for suggesting improvements (for future meeting features). 
> I was just sharing a session and was a bit surprised that, at least with safari, I could only share my whole screen and not one specific window. However, looking again at the meetecho guide later, I noticed that you have also direct links to the meeting material from the datatracker integrated. It would actually be super great, if the chairs would not actually need to share anything of their screen but just select from the meeting material which slides should be displayed to everybody. 
> Mirja

#1396 not broken Video problem in meetecho alex@… fluffy@…
It will not list all my cameras in pre-flight. Only first is listed. It was working fine before, and has permissions

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#1395 not broken audio dropped off after 20s alex@… mcr+ietf@…
At the ASDF BOF this morning, Michael John Koster, who I will CC once I have
a ticket number, got his audio cut off after about ~20s.  He reconnected
(shift-reload, I think), and then again was cut off after 20s.

I expect that this is a local firewall issue with the pinhole for his
outgoing RTP.  Probably unsolveable unless one can force the connection to be TCP.

Yesterday, at TEEP, this also happened to Mingliang Pei, who I will also CC.

Michael Richardson <>, Sandelman Software Works
 -= IPv6 IoT consulting =-


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