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#1145 fixed IETF Meeting DNS-SD printer autodiscovery sra@… Stuart Cheshire
I was just about to print my boarding pass from my iPhone,
and discovered that DNS-SD printer autodiscovery (i.e., AirPrint)
is not working at this IETF meeting.

Doing a bit of digging, this is what I find:

The PTR record for the “_pdl-datastream._tcp” printing protocol
used for *Mac* printing is present, and works:

% dig +short ptr

And the associated SRV and TXT records exist:

% dig +short srv
0 0 9100

This is all great.

However, for the “_ipp._tcp” printing protocol used
for *iPhone* printing, the two appropriate PTR records are missing:

% dig +short ptr
% dig +short ptr

Interestingly, the necessary SRV and TXT records do exist:

% dig +short srv
0 0 631

% dig +short txt
"txtvers=1" "qtotal=1"  ...

If you can add the two missing PTR records and let me know
when it’s done, I’ll test it so we can be sure it’s all
in place and correct for the next IETF meeting.

To elaborate: The two missing PTR records should look like this:                 PTR PTR


Stuart Cheshire

P.S. I noticed this on the Network Information web page:

> Instructions for Mac OS X using Bonjour auto-setup
> (DNS-Based Service Discovery)
> Note that this method is not available
> if you have configured an explicit DNS search list.

That looks like a bug on our side.
I will work on getting that fixed for a future update of iOS/macOS.

#1144 fixed just FYI: wireless LAN a bit unreliable Rick Alfvin tobias.gondrom@…

Nothing to do, just FYI for your information: The first 2-3 days the Wireless LAN seemed to drop a few times. (location: room Roma), with my mobile phone. After you put a AP into the Roma room, it seemed to have been fixed. Best regards and thanks a lot, Tobias

#1143 wontfix MDNS? con@… chopps@…
I'm not an expert in this, so this easily could be my fault.

I've brought 2 laptops one is in my room and is doing heavy lifting for
me. The other I walk about with. I'd like to be able to connect to my
room laptop/server by name so I figured I could use avahi and mdns. I
believe I've set things up properly but I don't see any other hosts
except the one running the daemon (i.e., each laptop only sees itself,
but no-one else in the conference or the other laptop) when I run avahi-discover.

FWIW the in room laptop is plugged into the wired network, the walking
laptop is wifi.

Now from traceroute I can see that I am not on the same LAN (there's
routing involved), so will this just not work as a solution for me



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