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#1410 pending Playback of video don't work on Firefox 68.10.0esr < default > frodek@…
Playback of stored video presentations are not working on Firefox 
68.10.0esr on Debian SID. Problem observed in ANRW and IRTFOPEN 
sessions. Problem also reported by other participants on jabber during 
the IRTFOPEN session.

Problem persists after disabling all add-ons, switching to "standard" 
Firefox privacy setting and restarting browser. Switching to Chromium 
solve the problem.

Best regards

Frode Kileng

#1422 fixed Meetecho Screen sharing cant be tested (wrong role for chair1) < default > dhruv.ietf@…

As per the testing plan here -

I was able to test audio and video but not screen sharing.

I was not able to figure out why for the longest time and then I saw that
the role of Chair 1 is also a participant instead of a chair. Please fix
this as this would be an issue for everyone who wants to test screen
sharing! I guess I need to come back to test screen sharing!

[image: image.png]


Added by email2trac

#1436 fixed Meetecho app crashed during secdispatch, now looping < default > ted.ietf@…
Attached is the loop screen shot--it returns to the datatracker after
this.  Initial issue was Firefox, but also happening on Chrome.


Screen Shot 2020-11-16 at 1.41.28 AM.png

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