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#1170 pending ietf-nat64 and my corporate VPN panda@… brian.e.carpenter@…

Obviously... my corporate VPN connection to an IPv4 server in New Zealand fails to connect via NAT64. It's the Cisco VPN product so this isn't news.

(Cisco VPN Client version

#1169 pending NAT64 not working with PaloAlto Networks VPN panda@… jcatrouillet@…

I tried ietf-nat64 ssid but my corporate VPN application cannot connect. I'm using PAN Global Protect. If I switch to ietf ssid, it's connecting just fine. I'm running Windows 10, PAN GP version 3.1.3-21 I can take a capture if really needed.

#1168 pending ietf-nat64 and IPv4 literals llynch@… brian.e.carpenter@…

This is for the record as it is an expected failure case:

http://[64:ff9b::4206:65ab]/ works well fails utterly (Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at

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