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#1142 fixed Terminal Room printer unavailable over IPv6 Rick Alfvin michal@…
Hi folks,

I seem to be unable to reach the Terminal Room printer over IPv6
(2001:67c:370:160::18) from any IETF wireless network (tried
"ietf-nat64" and "ietf-legacy99" so far).  I keep receiving ICMPv6
"Address unreachable" messages whenever attempting to communicate with
the printer in any way.  I had no issues over IPv4, so I thought you
might want to know.

Hope this helps,

Best regards,
Michał Kępień
#1141 worksforme NAT64 - AT&T WiFi seems not to work panda@… anonymous

AT&T for iPhone can be configured to do WiFi? offload. This seems not to work ("No Service") over the NAT64 service.

#1140 wontfix SSID Association problems con@… aris.lambrianidis@…


It looks like my laptop stopped being able to associate itself with either the the ietf-hotel or the hhonors SSID, *specifically* while being in my room. /var/log/wifi.log shows the following message: <kernel> Unexpected payload found for message 9, dataLen 0

Other SSIDs (e.g. tethering via my mobile phones) works fine. Note that connectivity in my room was fine up until yesterday, and that while at the congress hall area, I also did, and still do not, have any issues.

Basic steps I took to troubleshoot include turning the adapter off/on, and rebooting. No luck.

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