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#1320 fixed ietf-hotel network is unresponsive Clemens Schrimpe ldaigle@…

I'm in room 1830 of the Queen E, and have been having problems with the ietf-hotel network over the course of the last couple of days. My devices can get on the network, but then connectivity goes away (pinging gives me request timeouts).

I can fall back to the Fairmont network, and then I have connectivity, but it has other issues (e.g., I have database software that won't sync between my iphone and my mactop).

#1319 fixed IETF-hotel down? Clemens Schrimpe aafalk@…
I can attach to IETF-hotel from my room in The Fairmont (1550) but bits don’t flow. Seems intermittent. Happened around 8ish today and now (10:00). Phone details attached. 




#1318 fixed ietf-hotel network flaky in room Clemens Schrimpe jreed@…

I've had consistent problems using the ietf-hotel network in my room (from a MacBook Air running High Sierra).   I either never get a DHCP IPv4 address, or suddenly, connectivity drops out entirely (pinging several well-known IP addresses shows 100% packet loss).

My room is on the 4th floor, so I'm not sure if I'm bouncing between the conference APs and the in-room hotel ones, but this effectively means I can't take private videoconferences here, without paying for premium hotel wifi.   (I recall there were similar problems last year at this hotel specifically with the ietf-hotel network and being unable to get an address via DHCP).   Attempting use the legacy105 network gets me about 20% packet loss, which would seem to support my theory that I'm connected to the conference APs, not the in-room ones.    Is there a consistent MAC vendor string used by the conference-provided equipment so I can check the BSSID against it?

Any suggestions for how to resolve this, or debugging information or packet captures you'd like me to get next time this happens?  I didn't see anything obvious at first glance from tcpdump, but I neglected to save the output.  It seems to consistently happen during the day (network is fine and then drops out every 40 minutes or so), but doesn't usually occur between 9pm and 8:30am.



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