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#557 fixed sidr jabber: people getting kicked out amorris@… weiler@…
some folks in sidr are reporting problems getting kicked out of the 
jabber room.  I'm not experiencing the problem myself, but the "left 
the room" messages I'm seeing suggest it's real.  You may be able to 
get more info by joining the sidr room.

-- Sam

#564 fixed 1x troubles nkukich@… weiler@…
I was using the ietf-a.1x successfully for a few minutes, then things 
broke.  Timestamps below are local:

Mar 10 10:03:32 tiny wpa_supplicant[1286]: WPA: Key negotiation 
completed with 2c:36:f8:dd:6e:73 [PTK=CCMP GTK=TKIP]

Mar 10 10:08:59 tiny wpa_supplicant[1286]: WPA: Key negotiation 
completed with 3c:ce:73:2e:02:93 [PTK=CCMP GTK=TKIP]

Mar 10 10:09:00 tiny NetworkManager[1053]: <info> (wlan1): roamed from 
BSSID 2C:36:F8:DD:6E:73 (ietf-a.1x) to 3C:CE:73:2E:02:93 (ietf-a.1x)

Which is around the time things broke.

  HWaddr 78:e4:00:90:b0:28

#619 not broken test ticket #2 llynch@… weiler@…

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