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#564 fixed 1x troubles nkukich@… weiler@…
I was using the ietf-a.1x successfully for a few minutes, then things 
broke.  Timestamps below are local:

Mar 10 10:03:32 tiny wpa_supplicant[1286]: WPA: Key negotiation 
completed with 2c:36:f8:dd:6e:73 [PTK=CCMP GTK=TKIP]

Mar 10 10:08:59 tiny wpa_supplicant[1286]: WPA: Key negotiation 
completed with 3c:ce:73:2e:02:93 [PTK=CCMP GTK=TKIP]

Mar 10 10:09:00 tiny NetworkManager[1053]: <info> (wlan1): roamed from 
BSSID 2C:36:F8:DD:6E:73 (ietf-a.1x) to 3C:CE:73:2E:02:93 (ietf-a.1x)

Which is around the time things broke.

  HWaddr 78:e4:00:90:b0:28

#619 not broken test ticket #2 llynch@… weiler@…

#1312 fixed ietf-hotel: no usable connection Clemens Schrimpe weiler@…
Room 1149, associated with AP at 0c f4 d5 1e 7b ad.
One of my own MAC addrs is f4:5c:89:ca:f3:3d.

Problem reproducible from OSX and Android devices.

(Apologies for the very limited bug report; I can dig more later if 
that will be helpful.)

-- Sam

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