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#1376 fixed Meetecho: multiple sessions Sean Croghan weiler@…
How can I (attempt to) follow multiple simultaneous sessions?  When I 
attempt to open the second, I'm getting kicked from the first?

Also, it would be very nice to be able to switch sessions within the 
Meetecho tool.

#1375 pending Meetecho wasn't open and connectivity issues Rick Alfvin ncamwing@…
As TEEP chairs, we tried to come into Meetecho 15min before time and we lost a few mins in the beginning as we were getting settled.

We also had one presenter experiencing connectivity issues, it would be good to have an indicator of whether it is his connection or not…

Thanks, Nancy
#1374 fixed Problems with remote attendance Sean Croghan eric.gray@…
What a huge rip-off.  When I try to join a meeting, it initially asked me to log in to Datatracker, and then did not accept my login.  I reset my datatracker login and tried again - no joy.  I ran the test stream and first tried to use my registration confirmation - the field does not accept non-numeric characters, so that did not work.  I then tried the test stream, using my login e-mail and the newly reset password.  That worked.  So I tried going to a session, but now I was logged in already to datatracker, so it rejected my login without even asking for it.

It doesn't seem to matter what browser I use and I do not have pop-up windows blocked.

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