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#986 worksforme eduroam problem in hackathon room panda@… swmike@…


on my iPhone6P with 9.3.1, it tries to connect to "eduroam" SSID in the hackathon room ,it just sits there for 1-2 minutes and can't seem to connect properly (potentially not getting an address or something), then it switches over to "ietf" and that works properly.

If I try with my macbook and do tcpdump, I get no answer to:

21:32:05.787409 IP > BOOTP/DHCP, Request from b8:e8:56:2a:86:08, length 300 21:31:57.849547 IP6 fe80::bae8:56ff:fe2a:8608 > ff02::2: ICMP6, router solicitation, length 16

So the SSID seems live and I'm allowed to associate (I have working username/password), but there is no L3 infrastructure on it?

-- Mikael Abrahamsson email: swmike@…

#999 worksforme Eduroam problems panda@… ulrich@…
Eduroam hasn't worked for me all week. And although I do not suspect an
error on the Ietf side, I could use a helping hand.
Today 19:12 I did try to connect to eduroam. My ID is
Could you send me all information you have in your logs about that?
I am in contact with the Swedish eduroam noc and they would like some more

Kind Regards

#1011 fixed Eduroam issues panda@… michal@…
my Mac displays following. It happened in front of LA cafe in the 
morning, once at Postdam III before noon and now in front of NOC.


Authentication failed on network "eduroam"

The authentication server is unresponsive. Contact your network 
administrator to check the network infrastructure


"ietf" works fine. My MAC is c8:69:cd:9e:46:f0


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