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#1233 worksforme Ninth floor IETF-Hotel Wireless Network Clemens Schrimpe twinters@…

I'm unable to join ietf-hotel from my MacBook Pro on the ninth floor.  My
iPhone 8 is able to join the network, but I haven't been able to get to
join.    I'm able to get the Fairmount Wireless, is there a difference
between that and the IETF network?

#374 wontfix Wifi Issue in Romm 6011 llynch@… twalsh@…
I was asked to inform you of the problem I reported to the Hilton Hotel staff concerning the internet access in room 6011.  As I explained to the Hotel Staff, I do not see this as an IETF issue with the network.  It is only a Hotel infrastructure problem.

The problem:
There is only a very weak signal in the room.  Most of the room is actually dead (e.g., in the Bedroom for example there is no signal).  In the suite area by the desk, I find only a marginally adequate signal and even there it is weak and drops out frequently.

Why did I report it:
I do not expect the hotel can fix this on short notice but I felt they should be aware of it as they need to improve the radio signal (someday) in the room.

Of course, if there is a way to get a wireless access point instead in or near my room that would be great but I am not expecting IETF to solve this.  I do want the hotel to know at least of the problem.


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Thomas Walsh
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#6 worksforme Can't pass PPTP via ADSL andrew.lange@……


Do you take issues with the hotel network? I'm trying to use PPTP based VPN tools via the ADSL in my room and failing miserably. Could PPTP pass through be enabled?

Note that everything seems fine via IETF wireless, it's JUST the house network that has this issue.

Thanks, Tony

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