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#710 forwarded to secretariat Jabber server issues with Google Hangouts amorris@… mellon@…
Yesterday I could connect to Jabber rooms with Google Hangouts.   Today I can't.   I'm not getting any useful error message, but maybe there's some way for you to look at the logs.   This is consistent and reproducible.   My jabber ID is   I am able to get in using   Apparently Dan York has been having issues as well, using, so apparently it is not a gmail-only problem.

#711 forwarded to secretariat Re: [89attendees] Jabber room issues... amorris@… wseltzer@…
Thanks Dan, and hi NOC,

On 03/05/2014 11:03 AM, Dan York wrote:
> Ted,
> A couple of us have had similar issues with connections from accounts on
>  Interestingly I've been getting read-only connections via my
> account, I.e. I can connect to the room and see
> all the messages but cannot type any messages into the room.  I *am* able
> to connect in to Jabber rooms via an account on another server.
> I raised this issue this morning with the NOC (via
> ) but they were unable to replicate my issue.  If
> others are experiencing problems like this I would encourage you to send a
> message into the NOC with info about where you are connecting from (which
> XMPP server) and the problem you are having (unable to connect at all,
> getting a read-only connection, etc.) so that the NOC team can collect
> more data.

I was unable to connect to IETF rooms via earlier today from
the IETF network. Switching to the IETF.1x wifi resolved my issue.


Wendy Seltzer -- +1.617.715.4883 (office)
Policy Counsel and Domain Lead, World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)        +1.617.863.0613 (mobile)

#883 forwarded to secretariat No jabber room for webpush llynch@… jhildebr@…
Please create ASAP?

Joe Hildebrand

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