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#1004 forwarded to secretariat jabber scribe note amorris@… swmike@…

I just arrived in Charlottenburg I. There is a note on the front right 
chair, saying it's reserved for Jabber Scribe. Great.

Now, the microphone is 3 rows back. The whole point of my suggestion to 
have a reserved seat for the jabber scribe, was that the jabber scripe 
seat would be next to the front mic so that the jabber scribe easily 
could read peoples name tags and write correct spelling in the jabber 
room, so the note taker could read it there.

Doing it the current way defeats that purpose.

Here is a picture: <>

My suggestion would be that someone visits all the rooms and moves the 
note to a chair just front/right of the front microphone.


Mikael Abrahamsson    email:
#1006 forwarded to secretariat our mike is dead!! alex@… philip.eardley@…
This is in Charrtlotteberg I - mptcp

#1012 forwarded to secretariat Squeaking door in Potsdam III llynch@… phoffman@…
The door in Potsdam III has a *really* loud squeak that makes it hard to 
hear if you're in the back of the room. If you can get the hotel to fix 
this ASAP, it will help. If they won't, a bit of butter on the hinges 
would probably be sufficient.

--Paul Hoffman
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