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#1144 fixed just FYI: wireless LAN a bit unreliable Rick Alfvin tobias.gondrom@…

Nothing to do, just FYI for your information: The first 2-3 days the Wireless LAN seemed to drop a few times. (location: room Roma), with my mobile phone. After you put a AP into the Roma room, it seemed to have been fixed. Best regards and thanks a lot, Tobias

#860 fixed Printer in terminal room nkukich@… tjw.ietf@…

It does not seem to be configured currently - the IP is 
but does not seem pingable or reachable from inside the terminal room.


#497 not broken IPv6 connectivity poor nkukich@… tjc@…

I'm in the 23rd floor of the Hyatt on the Hyatt SSID for the IETF.   Running the new Mountain Lion.

I get an IPv6 address OK, all looks well.  Pinging external sites gives significant packet loss, which I don't see on IPv4.

But connectivity offsite is very poor, to the point I've had to disable IPv6 (set link-local only) to access external IPv6 content, including my home site.  Mac Mail was unable to fetch my new mail until I disabled IPv6.

Google and Facebook seem to be consistently timing out or running very slowly.

I'll try again tonight and if the problem persists I'll run some specific tests to give you some useful info to go on.  Just reporting quickly now before heading out.

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