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#1348 invalid Network Issue < default > imranahmed8859@…


#1347 wontfix v6 issues in swissotel (60:d0:2c:ee:2f:9c) < default > ebersman-ietf@…
On a mac laptop, room 6271, base station per subject, I get v4 addrs but
no v6 at 12:47pm local time. Was last night after you rejiggered things
and was working this morning.

Not dire, since I can use v4 for now but figured since the hotel was
doing things that broke v6 last night, you should know.


#1346 fixed DHCP problems on hotel wifi < default > jim@…
Hi. The Fairmont's wifi and ietf-hotel nets was misbehaving last night/this morning. They'd give me an IPv6 address. But my devices couldn't get an answer from the DHCP server => no IPv4 => laptop and phone adopted an ad-hoc address => nothing works. I went downstairs, joined the main IETF network and got a real IPv4 address. My laptop kept that address when I went to my room and joined the ietf-hotel SSID.

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