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#1012 forwarded to secretariat Squeaking door in Potsdam III llynch@… phoffman@…
The door in Potsdam III has a *really* loud squeak that makes it hard to 
hear if you're in the back of the room. If you can get the hotel to fix 
this ASAP, it will help. If they won't, a bit of butter on the hinges 
would probably be sufficient.

--Paul Hoffman
#1013 forwarded to secretariat Potsdam III squeaky door llynch@… joe@…
if someone has a can of WD-40 it would be great to oil the hinges to the
door of Potsdam III which is very loud and squeaks every time someone opens
it! Very distracting during CFRG

Joseph Lorenzo Hall
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#1027 forwarded to secretariat Problem with charge from Conrad amorris@… MarkMcFadden@…
I just got a message indicating that the Conrad regarded me as a no show and is charging me the full price of the stay.

- I never had a reservation with the Conrad;
- I'm staying at the Courtyard at Times Square and I have a note from the Conrad acknowledging that fact;
- I expressed concern that the Conrad was asking for credit card details for the Marriott and they replied that they were processing both;
- I've never received any confirmation that I had any kind of reservation at the Conrad; and,
- I have no intention to pay A penalty for a reservation I never made.

Now the Conrad says that I should take this up with the conference organizers. Could you intervene on my behalf?



Mark McFadden
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