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#1414 fixed Mute not working alex@… fluffy@…
I am in the anrw meeting and the controls to change volume and turn on and off audio is not working. 
#1415 not broken contact/jabber session request with one of Meetecho support engineers to share my experience with multiple screens alex@… benno@…

I would like to get in touch (for example a jabber session) with one of
the Meetecho engineers to give useful feedback.  (Maybe it is similar to
the #1411 issue.)

For DNSOP, I did a dry run the night before in the PROVA room, using
only my laptop screen and some virtual desktops.

During the DNSOP WG, I used a large external screen in addition to my
laptop screen.  Now, not all application windows on other virtual
desktops could be selected for screen sharing in Meetecho.  However, if
I move the application to one of the two active virtual desktops (on
screen 1 and screen 2), I can select the screen sharing application
window in Measure Echo.

And thank you very much for your helpful assistance during DNSOP to help me.

Best regards,

-- Benno

Benno J. Overeinder
NLnet Labs
#1426 pending Shared slides are always stuck. alex@… pengshuping@…

I have got this problem. When people were presenting, their slides were just stuck and were not synced with their voices. Their voices are ok but their slides are just stuck there without moving any further. I have changed my network environment and my computers. But the problem is the same. And my colleagues in the same room using the same network do not have the problem. Pretty wired.

Thank you for your help in advance!

Best regards,


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