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#1217 fixed Macbook Pro unable to get on ietf-V6ONLY panda@… Suresh@…
Hi dear NOC friends,
 I am unable to get on the IETF-V6ONLY SSID using my Macbook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.3. I have seen this in multiple meeting rooms (Viscount and Sandringham) and it might be a Mac only issue. My android phone is able to get on the network. A wireshark capture shows that RAs are being received.


#1216 worksforme Jabber messaging on NAT64-ietf lee@… lee@…

I can receive individual messages on Jabber on the NAT64-ietf SSID, but group chat rooms are different. I can see user enter/leave messages, but I can't see any comments, including my own.

After a couple of hours of trying different Jabber clients (Pidgin, PSI, gajim) and a couple of hours of frustration, I suddenly had the inspiration to switch to the regular IETF network. Then I had to log out and log back into Jabber, and suddenly I could participate in chat again.

Now using Pidgin on Ubuntu on ietf SSID, working fine.

#1215 not broken IPv6 DHCP issue < default > ivaylo@…
Dear Sir or Madam,

I am a participant in the Hackathon. I wanted to use IPv6 for something I
am working on, but for some reason it seems that I can not obtain an
address. Yesterday it took it a bit of time (10-15s), but I managed to get
one. I am connected to `ietf` network. My MAC address is
`08:d4:0c:46:6e:50`. I can try to send you a pcap file if that will be of
any help. When I start dhclient (version `isc-dhclient-4.3.3`) manually, I

Listening on Socket/wlp1s0
Sending on   Socket/wlp1s0
PRC: Soliciting for leases (INIT).
XMT: Forming Solicit, 0 ms elapsed.
XMT:  X-- IA_NA 0c:46:6e:50
XMT:  | X-- Request renew in  +3600
XMT:  | X-- Request rebind in +5400
XMT: Solicit on wlp1s0, interval 1050ms.
RCV: Advertise message on wlp1s0 from fe80::128:1.
RCV:  X-- IA_NA 0c:46:6e:50
RCV:  | X-- starts 1521374116
RCV:  | X-- t1 - renew  +3600
RCV:  | X-- t2 - rebind +7200
RCV:  | X-- [Options]
RCV:  X-- Server ID: 00:01:00:01:21:1c:23:e8:aa:00:00:78:21:cd
IA_NA status code NoAddrsAvail: "No addresses available for this interface."
PRC: Lease failed to satisfy.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!

Best regards,

Ivaylo Petrov
Chief Architect
ivaylo at

2 bis rue de la Châtaigneraie,
35510 Cesson Sévigné

Phone: +33 (0)
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