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#682 fixed No RA on ietf-nat64 in Palace C bzeeb+ietf@… ted.lemon@…
I'm seeing other issues with e.g. ietf-a which suggest that something is overloaded, but I'm not quite able to characterize what's going on—it works for the most part, but I got an error trying to join ietf-a just now when I was re-testing ietf-nat64.

#699 fixed No RAs on ietf-nat64 again... :} cdoyle@… ted.lemon@…
This is happening both in Viscount and in Victoria; possibly everywhere.

#753 fixed Terminal room printer not reachable from ietf-nat64... nkukich@… ted.lemon@…
divertimento% traceroute6 -n 2001:67C:370:128:DA9D:67FF:FEDF:8F44
traceroute6 to 2001:67C:370:128:DA9D:67FF:FEDF:8F44 (2001:67c:370:128:da9d:67ff:fedf:8f44) from 2001:67c:1231:998:c523:145d:8dc0:496, 64 hops max, 12 byte packets
 1  2001:67c:1231:998::1  2.674 ms  0.707 ms  0.977 ms
 2  2001:67c:1231:238::2  2087.602 ms !A *  2090.660 ms !A

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