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#460 forwarded to secretariat power strips in 212/213 amorris@… paitken@…
The power strips along the back of 212/213, on the side nearest the 
door, aren't working.



#991 fixed power plugs out in breakfast room amorris@… thomas.watteyne@…

The power plugs are out for most tables in the far back left as you enter
the breakfast room. I have only enquired by the 5 tables around me, so it
could be more tables.



Thomas Watteyne, PhD
Research Scientist & Innovator, Inria
Sr Networking Design Eng, Linear Tech
Founder & co-lead, UC Berkeley OpenWSN
Co-chair, IETF 6TiSCH
#1234 wontfix power adapter 12V to use for a few hours Rick Alfvin jordi.palet@…

Not sure if this is the best place to ask, but I guess the NOC has lots of power devices ...

I need to do some work in the terminal room with a device that has a 12 V Jack (2.5 mm, center positive). It consumes a bit less than 1 Amp.

I did the mistake of bringing my own power adapter, but didn't realized that is only 220VAC 50 Hz.

Just wondering if you have an alternative 12V adapter with the 2.5 mm jack (center positive).

Another alternative is using a small 110 to 220VAC converter, but not sure how my adapter will react having 60Hz instead of 50 ...

I'm in the terminal room, but can go to the NOC or whatever place is needed to pick up anything available.


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