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#758 fixed problems with wifi in "Canadian" bmheight@… mikaabra@…

I have a macbook and an iphone5. Neither can connect and get an IPv4 address on the .1x wifi:s. the ietf-a works as expected. Network worked during the v6ops session 9-11.30 but not at approx 12:15 and onwards, it doesn’t work. As far as I can see from tcpdump, I am associated to the wifi (I see other devices arp whois-requests) but the .1 address isn't answering as far as I can tell.
#797 fixed Low audio on remote stream in Ballroom for DNSOP bmheight@… york@…
NOC team,

Remote participants to DNSOP are saying that the audio on the stream out of the Ballroom is too low.  The stream they are using is:


Dan York
Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society<>   +1-802-735-1624
Skype: danyork

#441 pending https to trac/tickets bzeeb+ietf@… bzeeb+ietf@…

The certificate on trac/tickets still says "noc" and it might be we are not redirecting to https in all cases. Check where the cert is from, if we can get an updated and to which FQDN and put in place redirects.

Meanwhile care has to be taken while using trac over http from untrusted networks, especially when logging in!

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