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#922 LOL WHUT? intermittent v6 failures on ietf-hotel nkukich@… Paul_Ebersman@…
I have had multiple short failures where v4 worked but v6 didn’t on ietf-hotel

this is a 10.9.x mac osx box.

i’m attaching to c4:01:7c:88:a4:38, channel 6 at moment. that’s from 7th floor south tower.

ifconfig gives me the following v6:

        inet6 fe80::8e29:37ff:fef0:15fc%en0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x4 
        inet6 2001:67c:370:136:8e29:37ff:fef0:15fc prefixlen 64 autoconf 
        inet6 2001:67c:370:136:3c24:41f6:b3b3:2135 prefixlen 64 autoconf temporary 

and resolv.conf has working DNS yet “ping6” gives "UDP connect: No route to host”

and netstat -rn shows no v6 default route.

This does come and go and mos to of the time v6 is working.

let me know what additional info you need.
#29 fixed MAC 00:19:d2:7f:a6:52 is sending bogus IPv6 Router Advertisements Bill Fenner Pekka Savola <pekkas@…>

MAC 00:19:d2:7f:a6:52 is advertising bogus v6 prefixes and routers in 
the wireless and should be killed:

11:22:29.254248 00:19:d2:7f:a6:52 > 33:33:00:00:00:01, ethertype IPv6 
(0x86dd), length 166: fe80::6c4e:8ed1:3ad2:4cc4 > ff02::1: [icmp6 sum 
ok] icmp6: router advertisement(chlim=0, O pref=medium, 
router_ltime=65535, reachable_time=0, retrans_time=0)(src lladdr: 
00:19:d2:7f:a6:52)(mtu: mtu=1480)(unknown opt_type=24, 
opt_len=2)(prefix info: LA 
info: LA valid_ltime=7200,preferred_ltime=1800,prefix=fec0:0:0:9::/64) 
(len 112, hlim 255)

I'm also having major wireless usage problems with 802.11b w/ SSID on 
AP 00:1A:1E:8E:7F:C1 (near convention 1), but that's probably 
unrelated.  Wires in terminal room are great though)

Pekka Savola                 "You each name yourselves king, yet the
Netcore Oy                    kingdom bleeds."
Systems. Networks. Security. -- George R.R. Martin: A Clash of Kings
#13 worksforme Jabber server? amorris@… Pete Resnick <presnick@…>


I tried to respond but I don't think it went through -- forgive me if you get this twice. I had no difficulty logging into the jabber room and am wondering if this is still an issue for you. If it is, please let me know and we can meet to test this together.

Regards, Alexa

Attempting to connect to Not working. Asked 
the chap sitting behind me. Not working. Known problem?

(I'm available at jabber id "" if you 
want to contact me.)

Pete Resnick <>
Qualcomm Incorporated - Direct phone: (858)651-4478, Fax: (858)651-1102
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