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#708 ouch Missing audio archive for Buckingham 03-March-2014 morning session nkukich@… rfc.nik.tomkinson@…

Can you let me know if these audio archives will be made available soon or
if there was an issue and they are not going to be put on:

I assume I am not looking in the wrong place.

Thanks very much,

Nik Tomkinson.
#763 ouch Is the Telus IPv6 transit reliable? nkukich@… mellon@…
I ask because I've been having a continuing problem connecting to my home server ( over IPv6.   I am having no trouble connecting over IPv4.   I am seeing >50% packet loss to over IPv6 from the IETF network, and 0% packet loss if I connect to another IPv4-connected host and then ping over IPv6 from there.   This may be just broken peering somewhere out on the IPv6 internet that has nothing to do with our connection, but it's definitely causing me operational problems.
#896 ouch Cannot connect to the IETF default network with Windows Phone jdishongh@… ynir.ietf@…

When I try to connect with Windows Phone (running 8.1) I get the attached error screen with message Your phone can't connect to the Wi-Fi network ietf.

The ietf-legacy network works fine.

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