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#25 pending Could not get IP address from my room (4181@Golf Hotl) andrew.lange@… Ryu Inada <Ryu.Inada@…>
Dear NOC Staff.

I could not get IP addrss from my room from 1700(?)-now.

In morning it works well, and noon to 1500 it alse work well.

Colud you please advise me how to fix it.

I've use hotel network from my ThinkPad X61s with wire, and 
tried using Apple's AirPort Express (AP), and both failed.

Thank you.
Ryu Inada
#1093 wontfix Couple of queries about access point setup panda@… brian.e.carpenter@…
After hackathon and post-hackathon activities we have a couple
of questions about the setup of the IETF wireless access points.

1) Summarising what Michael asked on the weekend on the hackathon list:

Do the access points implement the equivalent of BCP38 egress
filtering for IPv6? When we tried to set up manual IPv6 Unique Local
Address usage on a couple of hosts, the packets were sent (said Wireshark)
but never received. That's not expected behavior from a pure Layer 2
switch. (We had a work-around, i.e. wired Ethernet and a dumb switch.)

2) From some tests yesterday:

Do the access points throttle the rate of IPv6 link-local multicasts?
We saw quite long periods (up to 4 minutes) when valid link local
multicasts to ff02::114 vanished in the air. But when I cheated by
sending them ten times more frequently, enough of them arrived to make
things work. That strongly suggests throttling. (The good news is that
MLD snooping definitely worked.)

   Brian Carpenter

#1014 fixed DHCP rob@… Michael.Bishop@…
Responding to the appeal to report any problems....

Had trouble getting an IP address on any of the IETF networks in Charlottenburg II/III for ~10 minutes at the beginning of this session.  Tried refreshing, rebooting, etc. and never got any DHCP response until about 4 PM.  Nothing more useful to add, though I've observed the same thing a couple other times this meeting.

Obviously, I'm online now, and presumably can stay that way for the duration of my DHCP lease.
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