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#1195 pending ticket 1185 - additional info panda@… furry13@…
So, I'm in the plenary room now (the same one where 6man was).
With the default router lifetime set now to 9000 I do not expect to
lost the default gateway. however my Wireshark does not show me any
multicast ("to all nodes, ff02::1) RAs for the last 9 mins.
And I assume you have not turned on unicast solisited RAs yet, so I'd
say I should be seeing them, right? I've just re-connect my other
device to make sure it sends an RS...

Ifconfig output:
furry@Wintermute:~>ifconfig en0
    ether 98:01:a7:b8:74:ad
    inet6 fe80::142a:14cd:27d:4bf0%en0 prefixlen 64 secured scopeid 0x4
    inet6 2001:67c:370:1998:92:df1b:7132:26fb prefixlen 64 autoconf secured
    inet6 2001:67c:370:1998:cd4:e8e1:d98e:2633 prefixlen 64 autoconf temporary
    nd6 options=201<PERFORMNUD,DAD>
    media: autoselect
    status: active

BSSID: fc:5b:39:53:d5:ec

I wonder what does the AP think about my device re: converting mcast to unicast?

SY, Jen Linkova aka Furry
#1194 fixed unable to join ietf-NAT64 panda@… lee@…

Sitting in the Plenary. SSID ietf works fine--I select it and I have an address and connectivity in 5 seconds. Joining the ietf-NAT64 SSID fails. After 120 seconds, still no address; the WiFi? signal bar looks like it's still searching.

Using OSX 10.11.6.

#1193 pending Using PIA causes drop of ietf-nat64 panda@… john.lemon@…

If I am connected to BSSID ietf-nat64 and then bring up a VPN tunnel using Private Internet Access (PIA), I lose connection to ietf-net64 and can't get it back again. I have no problem using BSSID ietf.

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