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#1046 forwarded to secretariat Slow lag time in amorris@… york@…
NOC team,

FYI - this afternoon I've found the<> server lagging a bit.  It took a period of time to connect in to the chat room  (<>) in this particular case.

When I type something in the chat, it sometimes take 20-ish seconds to appear. However, after the first message gets posted subsequent messages seem to get posted quickly.

I'm using the Psi app on Mac OS X. The jabber server I'm connecting *from* is

This is NOT urgent as it is in fact working okay.  I'm just passing this along in case it will help diagnose issues.

Hope this helps,

Dan York
Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society<>   +1-802-735-1624
Skype: danyork

#1343 forwarded to secretariat Collyer amorris@… cja@…
It's arctic in this room right now.  Can that be fixed.


  (( ))
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#1355 forwarded to secretariat Canning amorris@… cja@…
There are lights above the screen that make it really hard to read the
slides in here.  Maybe they could be turned off?  Thx

  (( ))
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