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#689 fixed Connectivity to cdoyle@… mlarson@…


I've been getting reports of slow connections to web pages from the meeting. I am not seeing anything on the web server that indicates an issue, and page loads from outside the meeting network seem normal.

Pinging a machine on the meeting network from the ietf server shows transit times of 140 - 317 ms. Can you have a look from your end and see what sort of times you are seeing, and if there is perhaps an issue between the meeting network and the ietf server when viewed from your end?



#43 fixed Convention room 2 @ 12:22 connectivity issue joelja@… alexmcm@…

Convention room 2 12:22

1) Can't get an IP address when using ietf1.x, although signal is always good (data rate 540)

2) When connected to ietf there is high packet loss...its pretty slow as a result

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 18, Received = 15, Lost = 3 (16% loss),

Ping statistics for

Packets: Sent = 39, Received = 20, Lost = 19 (48% loss),

3) only seeing ietf, ietf.1x & ietf-v6ONLY

I have attached a scan in case it is of any use

#32 pending Convention room 3 ietf1.x connectivity joelja@… alexmcm@…

Hi folks,

ietf.1x not providing a DHCP address in convention room 3

ietf is working as of a half an hour ago (none other were working except for eircom which would drop off now and again).

I have included a wifi scan from network stumbler in case its of use but signal looks ok. All the best


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