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#691 forwarded to secretariat Audio stream links not showing on amorris@… justin@…
To whom it may concern,

I believe the audio links on ( tools-style agenda ) are not showing
up. I'm pretty sure they were showing up earlier today, and I know in
previous meetings they were there.

I apologize if this has been reported already or is a issue on my end.

Thank you for your time,


#702 forwarded to secretariat Jabber logs amorris@… kivinen@…
The latest jabber logs at are missing
the user who said the things. I.e. if I check previous logs, like

It has <speaker> before each line. If you look at the logs from this
session like:

it has lines like:

[14:22:29]  Do we have anyone remote
[14:22:31]  ?
[14:22:37] matthijs joins the room
[14:22:39]  yes :)
[14:22:41]  Audio is working
[14:22:44] rstory joins the room
[14:22:53]  audio is good

I.e. there is no way to know who said what.

I am not sure if this is local issue, or if it should be taken to the
tools team...
#704 forwarded to secretariat Jabber server having problems? amorris@… york@…
Hi.  I'm in v6ops trying to get into the jabber room as jabber scribe and finding myself unable to connect.

Others are not able to get in either.  Is there a problem with the IETF jabber server(s)?

Dan York
Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society <>   +1-802-735-1624
Jabber: <>
Skype: danyork
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