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#1127 pending ietf-nat64 and 5GHz not-spots < default > c@…
A message for the NOC team,

*Please note this is not a rant or a 'trouble ticket', just observations I
hope would be useful*

After the discussion today at v6ops I gently encouraged some of my friends
here to migrate over from 'legacy' to nat64. They then did start to
experience issues.

In my data sample (of 2) i noted in both cases this had nothing to do with
v4 vs. v6 but more to do with the channel negotiation and 5GHz capabilities
of the devices in question.
a quick (rough) survey shows there are various locations in the building
where 5GHz is virtually non existent, with sufficient enough loss to
encounter packet loss.

As such I would state that any assertion that ~300 users on legacy or
2.4-only were having nat64 issues is based on a false premise as there are
likely more than one reason users would coalesce here.

Might I suggest that future meetings also have a dual frequency nat64, or
indeed a 2.4 only nat64 so that you can separate assumptions made around
channel availability and IP scheme.

Thank you for your efforts, an exclusive nat64 user since ietf89.

#1130 pending Internet Access in Room 8082 < default > j.haasz@…
My internet access is horribly slow in Room 8082, if it works at all.
Anything that can be done to help remedy this would be most

Jodi Haasz

Sent from my iPhone
#1137 not broken port scan report on "ietf" SSID LAN < default > dave@…
Hi NOC folks,

In case you care, I received the attached notification while on SSID
"ietf" with my address being the following:

$ host domain name pointer



Screen Shot 2017-07-19 at 12.31.24 PM.png

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