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#972 fixed Karlin I/II mics amorris@… andrewmcgr@…
The third wireless mic in Karlin I/II (the Shure one, currently sitting on
the audio desk) has flat batteries.  Also, one of the mic stands has a
broken clip.

Andrew McGregor | SRE | | +61 4 1071 2221
#985 forwarded to secretariat Unable to connect to using a account amorris@… york@…
Hello NOC team,

I am unable to connect to any<> chatrooms using my "<>" Jabber account.

I *am* able to connect in using my "<>" account so it seems like the issue might be with<>.

I'm using Adium on a Mac laptop running Yosemite (10.10.4).  I also tried using the Psi client on my laptop.  In both cases connections with my<> account would not connect.

In both cases I got a message that the remote server could not be found.


Dan York
Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society<>   +1-802-735-1624
Skype: danyork

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Added by email2trac

#991 fixed power plugs out in breakfast room amorris@… thomas.watteyne@…

The power plugs are out for most tables in the far back left as you enter
the breakfast room. I have only enquired by the 5 tables around me, so it
could be more tables.



Thomas Watteyne, PhD
Research Scientist & Innovator, Inria
Sr Networking Design Eng, Linear Tech
Founder & co-lead, UC Berkeley OpenWSN
Co-chair, IETF 6TiSCH
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