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#849 worksforme ietf-a.1x Certificiate chelliot@… Stephen.Botzko@…
As requested by Jari I tried it.

I received a security warning:
"Radius Server: 
Root CA:                    Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority

The server "" presented a valid certificate issued by "Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority", but "Starfield Class 2 Certification Authority" is not configured as a valid trust anchor for this profile."

Clicking through the security warning resulting in an "unable to connect" message from Windows.  OS is windows 7.

Stephen Botzko
#1217 fixed Macbook Pro unable to get on ietf-V6ONLY panda@… Suresh@…
Hi dear NOC friends,
 I am unable to get on the IETF-V6ONLY SSID using my Macbook Pro running High Sierra 10.13.3. I have seen this in multiple meeting rooms (Viscount and Sandringham) and it might be a Mac only issue. My android phone is able to get on the network. A wireshark capture shows that RAs are being received.


#39 fixed [72attendees] Rogue 6to4 RA on wireless network joelja@… Tim Chown <tjc@…>

We still have a rogue RA on the wireless network today, the same one as

The Ethernet source of the RA is an Intel adapter 00:19:d2:7f:a6:52.

The IPv6 source is fe80::6c4e:8ed1:3ad2:4cc4 which might be a Windows
Vista 'randomised' host address.

It's advertising prefix 2002:8281:1394:9:: so has IPv4 addr

It's also offering an fec0:: prefix so is probably running Windows ICS
(perhaps because the system has IPv6 on but is filtering incoming IPv6 RAs
 in the host firewall?)

Anyone got any other clues?

Anything the local ops guys can do? :)

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