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#687 fixed DNS server defective cdoyle@… ogud@…
I'm seeing lots of not answered queries to  and 2001:67c:370:229::7
leading to slow network behavior. 
I'm on IETF-1a.x in Buckingham room. 


#900 fixed Dallas network chelliot@… john.dowdell.ietf@…
Hi NOC team, thanks for doing such sterling work behind the scenes. It is
really appreciated and we could not run the meeting without it.

I have a personal Windows Phone 8.1 (Nokia Lumia 520) which got on to the
IETF-2.4 GHz ONLY ssid without too much trouble, but my years old corporate
Blackberry (Bold 9780, version 6.0 Bundle 2554) was very confused, again
trying to connect to the same SSID (guess neither of them do 5GHz). I got
asked to select the root CA from a list of quite a few, which I really
wasn't expecting, but I selected the one I had seen on my Windows phone and
it connected without further fuss.

Happy to share this with you in person if you feel it is worthwhile.

Best regards
#1323 fixed Dashboard not available over HTTPS con@… david.somers-harris@…


Is there any reason why the dashboard isn't available over HTTPS like the IETF's other services? (like this Trac)

If not, maybe HTTPS could be added?

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