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#7 fixed Date of the comments wrong andrew.lange@… sbortzmeyer

The date displayed near the comments on is not Dublin time. It looks like California time.

#420 wontfix Debilitating Lack of Beer in the NOC joelja@… jim@…

While we have external, services, switches deployed, and a few APs out, we're failing in the most critical of NOC tasks. Getting Beer. Nearly all progress has stopped, and people are dropping like flies. Oh the humanity!

#1185 pending Default Route disappears intermittently while using ietf-nat64 panda@… david.somers-harris@…

While using ietf-nat64, even though the connection works at first, eventually Internet access is lost because the default route disappears.

Attached are the outputs of netstat -nr

  1. Works: route.20171114144623​ (attached)
  2. Broken: route.20171114145135​ (attached)

I reproduced this at least twice on my Mac, and also on Windows.

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