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#629 fixed Noise from Potsdam lobby area is really loud in Potsdam II amorris@… spencerdawkins.ietf@…

I'm not sure what can be done, but the movable wall on the right side of Potsdam II wasn't blocking much of the noise from the break conversations in the lobby area. Is there another place that could be used for these conversations? It was difficult to hear the speakers, even with mikes.



#928 duplicate Is ietf-hotel stable yet? creilly@… spencerdawkins.ietf@…
I know it's early, but ...

I'm having problems keeping my Chromebook on ietf-hotel - it just keeps
falling off ("no network connection").

I'm not having problems keeping the same Chromebook on my hotspotted
Android phone, and I was downstairs this morning for the T2T workshop, so
on ietf-legacy, and I wasn't having any problems keeping my Chromebook on
that SSID, either.

For geography, I'm in 5106, which is about 40 feet from the elevators. I'm
sure that couldn't possibly help ...

Any thoughts?



p.s. re: ietf-legacy, we had the conversation in Dallas about how
Chromebooks won't work on the other IETF SSIDs, or I'd be on one of them!
#1131 not broken You're probably tired of hearing wifi complaints ... panda@… spencerdawkins.ietf@…
I did this screenshot sitting in the couch area to the left of the stairs
up to the third floor. It was impressive, at least to me.

I was on the "ietf" main network, with a Chromebook, and that was working
fine in the Nomcom office. Then, I went downstairs.

I walked upstairs to the terminal room and was consistently getting 2-3 ms
ping times, with one 21 ms out of about 25 pings, and no loss.

I'm not complaining, but if you need more evidence to flog the hotel people
about the wifi, that's what I can contribute. No need to reply, of course.

And thank you for running an awesome network in the meeting rooms, which is
probably what matters most.


Screenshot 2017-07-18 at 19.13.47.png

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