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#768 fixed dns64 is breaking dnssec. bzeeb+ietf@… mellon@…

The dns64 resolver that is set up for ietf-nat64 appears to be doing synthesis even if the DO and CD flags are set in the query:

 saucy% dig +sigchase +edns=0 +dnssec +cdflag aaaa
 ./trusted-key.key:2: TTL set to prior TTL (5)
 ;; RRset to chase:         5       IN      AAAA    64:ff9b::ae3e:93b6

 Launch a query to find a RRset of type RRSIG for zone:

 ;; RRSIG is missing for continue validation: FAILED

This breaks any host that does NAT64 Prefix Discovery so as to do DNS64 synthesis with secure local DNSSEC validation. Is there some reason why this is enabled, or am I misunderstanding something? This would be enabled using the break-dnssec flag in the named.conf file, so if it is deliberately enabled, it should be visible; otherwise it could just be a bug.

#133 pending User reports intermittent time-outs in Imperial B cdoyle@… cdoyle@…

User reports within the last hour or so intermittent "Page Cannot Be Displayed" messages while browsing in Imperial B from both the ietf.1x and ietf-a networks. Not much more information given as the user was walking to another meeting. I have asked him to return to the helpdesk if the issue is persistent. No other reports of issues in the rooms.

System is an IBM Thinkpad running XP pro.

#135 fixed Lost cell-phone - MAC detection? cdoyle@… ray@…

I lost my Google G1 phone last night.

Its WiFi? mac address is 00:18:41:ee:08:5a, and it was configured to connect to the open 'ietf' SSID.

Could you please check whether it has been seen online since 18:00 last night, and then again later today?


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