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#931 duplicate FYI - ietf-hotel very slow in Hilton Prague room 5014 creilly@… york@…
NOC team,

The IETF network has been as awesome as usual on the main floor where the Hackathon is, but up in my room 5014 the performance has been very slow on "ietf-hotel".  To the point where last night I had to leave my room (running into Joel along the way) and go down to the main floors to get on the "ietf" network instead.

I have tried multiple devices (Macbook Pro, iPhone) and the performance has been slow on both.  I don't know if this is a feature of the fact that my room is just too far from the APs, but I thought I'd mention it.  As the week gets underway this won't be a huge issue as I don't expect to be in my room much, but again, just thought you should know.

Thanks for all you do,

Dan York
Senior Content Strategist, Internet Society<>   +1-802-735-1624
Skype: danyork<>

#1182 pending Facebook Messenger iOS App Can't Receive Calls on ietf-nat64 panda@… david.somers-harris@…

Tested video calls as follows

initiator \ receiver Android nat64-unencrypted Android ietf-2.4ONLY iOS ietf-nat64 iOS ietf
Android nat64-unencrypted Broken Works (slow)
Android ietf-2.4ONLY Broken Works
iOS ietf-nat64 Works Works
iOS ietf Works Works

Android: v7.1.1 (Sharp Aquos SH03J) iOS: = Facebook Messenger v142.0 on iOS v11.1 (iPhone 6S) Blank: Did not test

#388 fixed Failing BGP routes? msackett@… Ray Bellis <ray@…>

Similar to yesterday's ticket #368, I'm trying to reach a site ( on IP which works fine from my home network or my EC2 server but not from the IETF network:

% traceroute traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 ( 1.486 ms 0.858 ms 0.828 ms 2 ( 1.955 ms 0.902 ms 0.963 ms 3 ( 1.394 ms 1.257 ms 1.503 ms 4 * *qC

Debugging with Chris Elliot shows the same problem visible from his laptop.

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