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#1003 fixed certificate expired? hak@… alastair.johnson@…
Browsing to it seems that the certificate expired on July 17th:



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#1402 pending selecting the camera in-flight alex@… alexandre.petrescu@…
Hi Meetecho tickets,

I would like to report the following error: the system selects the wrong
camera even if I tell it to select the proper camera.

When connect to the prova group of meetecho, I am asked 'pre-flight'
questions to select the microphone and webcam.

I select an external microphone on stereo jack connector and an external
webcam on USB (Logitech Pro 9000).  The system already has 2 other
cameras; I dont want to use the other cameras (the wrong ones) because
they point to the table and the ceiling, not  to me.

Thus, I select this Logitech camera.  The 'pre-flight' window shows the
right image.

But then, when the meetecho sessions starts and I enter the video queue
and get approved, the others see the camera that points to the table,
not to me.  Because the camera I selected is not the right one.


Alexandre Petrescu, tél 0169089223


#1408 forwarded to secretariat confusing distinct tooltips in agenda, for 'video stream' and 'audio stream' < default > alexandre.petrescu@…
In the agenda of IETF there are two distinct options near each other, 
for each WG meeting: a camera icon displays a tooltip 'Meetecho video 
stream' when rolled over, and a headphones icon  with tooltip 'Audio 

Being two buttons, makes think that one would need to click both icons 
in order experience a full audio and video experience.  Not only it's 
impossible to click on two buttons at the same time, but it is also not 
the intention of the message.

Maybe it were better if the tooltips said
'Meetecho audio and video streams' and
'M3U Audio-only stream'



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