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#943 worksforme just FYI regarding wifi jclarke@… swmike@…

I am in Karlin I/II. I have a late 2013 15" retina macbook pro, running 

I had continous wifi disconnects, it would connect, stay connected for 30 
seconds, then disconnect, I had to turn off/on wifi, then process 
restarted. This has happened to me before, primarly at earlier IETF 

I shut down the macbook, and powered it back on again, which fixed the 
problem. This might very well be a problem with OSX and/or wifi card 
firmware, but I just wanted to let you know this happened. I since the 
cold boot, I have now been connected without issue for 30+ minutes. The 
cold boot approach has solved the problem at earlier IETFs as well.

I believe this might be an interaction between the type of APs being used 
here, and my macbook, because this has happened not only at earlier IETFs, 
but at a few other places for me as well during the 1.5 years I've had 
this macbook.

Is there anything I can do to find out more information next time this 
happens so the issue can be better diagnosed?

I arrived at the hilton early on saturday and successfully used the IETF 
network in hackathon and a few other places before this issue presented 
itself right now, so it might also be that it's just the AP here in Karlin 
I/II having problems. I had similar behaviour at earlier IETFs, that the 
problem just happened in a single room, so it might actually just be a 
single or few APs having this problem.

Mikael Abrahamsson    email:
#1004 forwarded to secretariat jabber scribe note amorris@… swmike@…

I just arrived in Charlottenburg I. There is a note on the front right 
chair, saying it's reserved for Jabber Scribe. Great.

Now, the microphone is 3 rows back. The whole point of my suggestion to 
have a reserved seat for the jabber scribe, was that the jabber scripe 
seat would be next to the front mic so that the jabber scribe easily 
could read peoples name tags and write correct spelling in the jabber 
room, so the note taker could read it there.

Doing it the current way defeats that purpose.

Here is a picture: <>

My suggestion would be that someone visits all the rooms and moves the 
note to a chair just front/right of the front microphone.


Mikael Abrahamsson    email:
#1201 pending issues with apps on ESSIDs "ietf-v6ONLY", "ietf-nat64" and Ethernet in Terminal Room panda@… anonymous

Hi, There are a few apps that dont work for me, when connecting on the ESSIDs ietf-v6ONLY, ietf-nat64 and Ethernet in Terminal Room.

These apps do work when on SSID "ietf".

Skype can not make test call.

FortiClient? VPN and https VPN/SSL back to my Enterprise.

Exodus for jabber scribe.

My in-house remote management interface offered by operator Free.

ping for that matter.

There are other apps that dont work for me on these ESSIDs and Ethernet, but the above are the most pressing needs.


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