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#579 fixed stray DHCP servers on wired network in Tower 2 ? cdoyle@… hermin.anggawijaya@…

I am staying in room 2146 of Tower 2 and sometimes when my PC does a DHCP,
it got replies from either:
- (28:37:37:3f:e5:84) offering address
- (00:50:18:5f:b2:ba) offering address
- relay agent (5c:5e:ab:d5:60:f0), and server
offering addresses that seem to work.

Does the wired network get managed by the IETF NOC team as well now ?
would be great if the servers offering 10.0.x.x address ranges could be
filtered out (if they are rogue servers).


#603 fixed Comcast Bits & Bytes staff request availability of RFC6106 cdoyle@… Christopher_Tuska@…


Can you take a look at this please. No RFC6106, below is the sniffer trace.

Thank You,

Chris Tuska Senior Network Engineer, Comcast National CMTS Operations \ IPv6 Project /phone/ 720.267.7511 /cell/ 720.560.6306

#605 pending Printing from iPhone cdoyle@… Stuart Cheshire
A question, when you have time. Someone asked me how "term-printer" appears on iPhone. I thought I knew, but I tried this query, and got no results:

% dig +short ptr

So, now I'm confused. Can you tell me how you are making "term-printer" appear on iPhone? Thanks.

Stuart Cheshire

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