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#1120 fixed intermittent WiFi at different places panda@… benno@…

I experience intermittent WiFi at different places, e.g. at the cafe/bar on the mezzanine close to the IETF lounge entrance.  If I move to the IETF lounge, all WiFi is fine.  The signal at the cafe/bar is fine though, but I do see packet loss of about 25-75%.

Right now at the DPRIVE workshop in Hall III I also experience huge packet drop rates with ietf and eduroam SSID networks, both IPv4 and IPv6.  :-)

I use a MacBook Pro with macOS Sierra 10.12.5. 

Others doesn’t seem to see this large packet drop rate though.


— Benno

Benno J. Overeinder
NLnet Labs

#506 worksforme impossible to download afile from the plenary mtd@… nurit.sprecher@…
I am trying to open/download the presentation of SDN from the plenary
meeting The Past, Present, and Future of Software Defined Networking
(Nick Feamster)
df> , with no success.
I get the message:
 <<Picture (Device Independent Bitmap)>> 

Please help!
Best regards,


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#70 fixed ignore - test llynch@… Noah Weis <nweis@…>

Noah Weis

Network Engineering

VeriLAN Event Services, Inc.
215 SE Morrison Street Suite 7000
Portland, OR 97214

Tel: 503 224-8822
Fax: 503 224-8833
Cell: 503 922-9833

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