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#1182 pending Facebook Messenger iOS App Can't Receive Calls on ietf-nat64 panda@… david.somers-harris@…

Tested video calls as follows

initiator \ receiver Android nat64-unencrypted Android ietf-2.4ONLY iOS ietf-nat64 iOS ietf
Android nat64-unencrypted Broken Works (slow)
Android ietf-2.4ONLY Broken Works
iOS ietf-nat64 Works Works
iOS ietf Works Works

Android: v7.1.1 (Sharp Aquos SH03J) iOS: = Facebook Messenger v142.0 on iOS v11.1 (iPhone 6S) Blank: Did not test

#388 fixed Failing BGP routes? msackett@… Ray Bellis <ray@…>

Similar to yesterday's ticket #368, I'm trying to reach a site ( on IP which works fine from my home network or my EC2 server but not from the IETF network:

% traceroute traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 ( 1.486 ms 0.858 ms 0.828 ms 2 ( 1.955 ms 0.902 ms 0.963 ms 3 ( 1.394 ms 1.257 ms 1.503 ms 4 * *qC

Debugging with Chris Elliot shows the same problem visible from his laptop.

#1431 fixed Failing to find valid account Sean Croghan shares@…
Name: Susan Hares 

Registration Confirmation: 3HHTXPEB 


Full week pass indicated.  


Please let me know why I cannot access meetecho for TEAS or SIDROPS for this


I am rebooting machine to determine if Chrome issue is involved. 


Susan Hares

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