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#1125 pending ietf-nat64 email problem < default > lee@…
I don’t expect resolution, but providing this for documentation:

When on ietf-nat64, I am unable to access email, inbound or outbound.
I use Outlook for Mac 2011 version 14.7.2
I use the same client for two different mail accounts:
1. Incoming: port 110
    Outgoing: post 2525
    hosted by Network Solutions
2. Incoming: port 993
    Outgoing: port 465
    Hosted by DreamHost


#1171 duplicate ietf-nat64 does not work on Pixel 2 panda@… lorenzo@…

We debugged this extensively in the NOC today, but filing this ticket for tracking.

Pixel 2 devices cannot use ietf-nat64. The observed symptom is that they connect fine, but then stay in state "connected, no Internet" indefinitely.

Based on debugging it appears that this is because the wifi controller does not allow hosts that do not support DHCPv6 and do not support legacy EUI-64 addresses. Link-local works fine.

We have verified that the devices are correctly sending DAD and MLD for their global addresses.

#1117 fixed ietf-nat64 completely dead in Congress III panda@… mellon@…
Not obvious what's going on here--I connected to ietf, and that's working.
  The nat64 network _was_ working, but slowly died over the course of the
first 20 minutes of the meeting, and is not completely non-functional, as
far as I can tell.

Hm, correction, turns out that the ietf ssid is also behaving badly, so
perhaps this is just a radio issue.   May be interference: I am now
connected using my phone, and performance is slightly better, but still a
lot of jitter, which suggests lots of layer 2 retries.
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