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#1303 fixed 7022 still Sean Croghan jared@…
I’m still facing issues with my phone in 7022 where I end up without connectivity for unknown reasons when on this BSSID

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#449 not broken 802.11 wash for the Le Meridien? nkukich@… weiler@…
I have a room on the front of the Le Meridien.  I've been picking up 
the ietf-hotel SSID, though weakly.  It occurs to me that you could 
cover a chunk of the Le Meridien rooms using APs pointed at the hotel 
from the 24X corridor in the Palais, and that would entirely dodge 
using the Concorde's APs.  Any chance you'd consider doing that?

-- Sam

#395 fixed 802.1X networks from OS X 10.5 msackett@… rg+ietf@…
Is it possible to use the 802.1X networks from OS X 10.5?  At 
previous IETFs this worked fine, by selecting WPA2 Enterprise, but 
now I get "authentication failed".  The instructions at 
do not show WPA2 Enterprise, so perhaps it now requires a mechanism 
which 10.5 doesn't support?

Randall Gellens
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