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#1390 fixed Unauthorized for MeetEcho Sean Croghan rlb@…
Hi there,

I am unable to log into MeetEcho.  When I click "Login via Datatracker", I
see what looks like a stack trace in the pop-up window, and then it says


[image: image.png]

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#1084 pending appears to be misconfigured for IETF address block < default > rja.lists@…

As near as I can tell, Google (erroneously) thinks that the IETF IPv4 address block
is in Korea.  My laptop has IPv6 disabled, so I have no data about the IPv6 address block.

On both my laptop (on IETF Legacy) - and a colleague’s laptop (on IETF) - both
of are seeing web browser attempts to get redirected to Google’s
South Korean web site (complete with a hangul button to switch to Korean language).

Clearly this isn’t an error on the part of IETF, but maybe Warren Kumari or some
other friendly/helpful Google person could get this corrected on Google’s side.


Ran Atkinson

#941 duplicate ietf-hotel creilly@… richard.barnes@…
At least in my room (5th floor, inward-facing), is not great:

--- ping statistics ---
2181 packets transmitted, 1197 packets received, 45.1% packet loss
round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 1.892/177.293/1658.826/237.745 ms

Is there anything to be done?
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