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#4 wontfix [ #9712] Unable to get IP address on the cable in my room llynch@… rhousey@…

I am forwarding your message on to the NOC, they should be able to
answer this.


On Sat Jul 26 08:43:08 2008, rhousley wrote:
> I do not get an IP address when I connect to the cable in my room.. 
> Is this a problem for the NOC or for the hotel?

#1190 worksforme Web access problems in hotel room Clemens Schrimpe rgm@…

On SSID IETF-Hotel. I did not suspend my system when last on the meeting room network, but took the elevator to my room 872.

This has happened a couple other times. Web access times out.

"The server at is taking too long to respond."

But other sites like work fine. And I got to this ticket site.

My IP address is:

inet brd scope global dynamic wlp4s0

valid_lft 931sec preferred_lft 931sec

inet6 2001:67c:1232:144:b240:1e3c:a4e8:451b/64 scope global noprefixroute dynamic

I will probably have to go down to the terminal room...

#395 fixed 802.1X networks from OS X 10.5 msackett@… rg+ietf@…
Is it possible to use the 802.1X networks from OS X 10.5?  At 
previous IETFs this worked fine, by selecting WPA2 Enterprise, but 
now I get "authentication failed".  The instructions at 
do not show WPA2 Enterprise, so perhaps it now requires a mechanism 
which 10.5 doesn't support?

Randall Gellens
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